Sultan chickpeas Kg 0.5

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Sultan chickpeas in gift box Kg 0.5

Our chickpeas of the sultan variety are grown in an integrated production system and alternately with the cereals, without the use of chemical fertilizers. The seed is wrinkled, beige/yellowish in colour and the diameter is about 5 mm. The skin is thin and tender.

They require a soaking time of 12 hours and the cooking time - for a crispy product that maintains unaltered all its nutritional properties - is 2 hours.

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Chickpeas are legumes belonging to the Fabaceae family. They are naturally rich in proteins plants, fibres, vitamins, magnesium and phosphorus.


FAT                                   5.2 gr PROTEIN                       18.1 gr
of which saturated              1.3 gr SALT                              0.03 gr
CARBOHYDRATES             51.9 gr FIBRE                           13.0 gr
of which sugars                  3.1 gr Energy Value for 100 gr 334 Kcal

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100% Italian
Black cardboard tube + heat-sealed bag packed in protective atmosphere
Kg 0.5

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