Macciano - Feast of Frasca (photo by Franco Prevignano).

The territory
Our history was born in the centre of Italy. In the heart of Umbria. In a hilly area in the middle of an ideal triangle drawn between Todi, Spoleto and Assisi, where beats a millenary heart rich in culture, tradition and spirituality.
And it derives more precisely from the land that surrounds a small ancient village on the hills of Colli Martani, a few kilometres away from the town of Giano dell'Umbria.
This is the village of Villa Macciano - where our family has resided for generations.
This is where my early childhood memories were created, where I spent all my summer holidays. Where I learned to feed on healthy and uncontaminated products which that land offers us relentlessly, since the oldest of times.
Because being Umbrian means having unique and natural food traditions, traditions that have been passed on to me directly by my grandparents, which have allowed me to live in a healthy and balanced way by adopting simple and natural cuisine, using only seasonal products.