The story of a family, who is looking at the future
My family has been living in the small village of Macciano, in Giano dell’Umbria, at least since the beginning of XVI Century.
Basilio Pompilj, vicarial Cardinal, was based there since the first half of the nineteenth Century.
More than four hundred acres of land, respected, farmed and handled, thanks to the precious help of men and women from Macciano.
Our olive trees - San Felice, Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino - occupy more than twenty acres of the property, well alternated on a hill.
Looking at the future, our project contemplates measured works to manage the centuries-old olive trees in our property, in addition to a new plant to improve production.
Our deep-rooted quality
Macciano’s olive tree represents the highest expression of our history and roots. I can still remember when we guys, taking one another by the hand, used to embrace its trunk, and run round and round it.
We do still embrace it today, when our friends come to Macciano, and we still feel the energy of his embrace.
Today this thousand-year-old olive tree, standing majestic and guiding the younger olive trees, embodies my project. I respect it, I admire it, I take care of it.
As Janus did, the Macciano’s olive tree looks back and forward at the same time.