Gold on the table

ften we keep away from certain products of the earth more out of laziness than anything else and we shelter behind a theoretical difficulty, rather than get involved and try to make a plate of lentils. To look carefully is often also laziness, the result of the need to devote time to everything, rather than to prepare what we eat, we and our family. But I did the test myself, and I saw that it is not difficult to cook and eat genuine things. It's also fun!
I've brought in relatives, friends, clients who have become friends, amateurs and professionals, enthusiasts, even star chefs, just think about it... and invited them to prepare a dish and tell us about it. Condition - the law of marketing requires it - that they use at least one product of our company in Giano dell'Umbria: oil, legumes, cereals... They all lent themselves to become accomplices of a little idea that is what it is, without ulterior motives, but also without end, in the true sense of the word. The ‘domestic’ months, I call it, have made it easier, and I hope the recipe has also lightened the difficult moments.
In the end we have a series of stories built around a recipe and we wanted to collect them as a sign of gratitude to those who managed to eat something new, delicious especially because it was made with love and passion, the same that we put in growing our cereals, legumes, buckwheat and honey.
In Macciano.

Don't you believe us? Come and see...

PS - ‘Gold on the table’ remains open...

Whoever feels like it can make a contribution.