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Oro di Giano - Macciano extra virgin olive oil is obtained by our olives from cultivars Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and San Felice, harvested at the right varietal ripeness.
The extraction starts immediately, thanks to a modern continuous cycle system, in which we pay the utmost attention to every stage of the process.
The entire production process is certified by PDO Umbria - Colli Martani, to protect the quality and in accordance with our values. The oil is visibly clear, yellow with bright green hues; the scent is elegant and offers delicate herbaceous hints. In the mouth, the impact is enveloping, the bitterness is light and pleasantly spicy. It is ideal on bread, in soups, on raw and cooked vegetables, on meat and fish and it deserves to be at the centre of the table. Every day.
The extra virgin Oro di Giano - Macciano is produced in limited quantities and each bottle is numbered by hand. Just like a work of art.

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San Felice. The monocultivar.
I want to make San Felice powerful.
A very small oil production, from one of the smallest italian cultivars.
I love its colour, its green hues, its elegant aroma, its bitterness and its spicy flavour, which mark its taste.

ColourGreen with golden hues
AromaFresh grass and artichoke hearts
FlavourIntense in the bitter and spicy hints
TableSalads, grilled meat, hard cheese

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Basilio - EVO,the daily.
Basilio was my uncle.
This oil is dedicated to him; it is obtained from Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo and San Felice, olives harvested in Octobre.
In my opinion it matches with any kind of food and it is ideal for any occasion.

ColourGreen with golden hues
AromaFruity, artichoke heart
FlavourIntense and harmonious in his bitter and spicy hints
TableSalads, soups and red meat

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In the family, the bag-in-box, or rather the ‘Bag-in-Tube’, is also dressed up.
A new and elegant system to have the right supply of extra virgin olive oil at home (3 liters).
We put the oil in and guarantee its quality; the tube, beautiful to look at and easy to use, guarantees ideal conservation: it eliminates contact with air and prevents oxidation.

The Bag-in-Tube® is an innovative packaging concept, consisting of a cardboard tube with a lid and a tinplate base.
The tube contains a double layer bag and the oil is dispensed through a high-performance tap.
Once opened, it protects the oil from contact with air, ensuring longer life and perfect storage.

San Felice

4 - 8 - 12
The increasing value of an aroma, of a flavour, of a pleasure.
4 - 8 - 12, three elegant single-dose oil cans, three different olive oils, obtained from our own olives.
Intensities rising, thanks to the different cultivars, the fruit harvest time, the harmonious ensemble of their oils.
The ideal, funny and practical solution to match our oils to your dishes. 4 - 8 - 12 an original idea to discover the charming world of the artisan oil.

4 - PDO Macciano Umbria - Colli Martani, from cultivars Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and San Felice.
Olives harvested in the first days of november.
An oil ideal on legume soup, grilled vegetables.

8 - Basilio, EVO extra virgin olive oil, from olives harvested in mid - October. Ideal for preparations, in the kitchen and on the table, on bread, vegetable soup, red meat.

12 - Only one variety of olives, the San Felice; green olives, harvested at the beginning of October.
The charme of the herbal hints, the harmony between bitter and spicy flavours, the personality of a unique olive oil.
Good on salad, vegetables, roasted fish, grilled meat, hard cheese.
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