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Fagiolina beans 250 gr Linea Chef

Our beans are grown in integrated production and alternately with cereals, without the use of chemical fertilizers. The pods are harvested by hand once they have been dried in a scalar manner. Cleaning is carried out manually with great patience. The presence of damaged beans is irrelevant to the taste or integrity of the product and is a peculiarity of manual cleaning.

It does not require soaking. Cooking time is 45/50'.

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Fagiolina bean is a legume with an oval and tiny shape, it can be of various colors from cream to black, passing through all shades of brown. In the mouth it is tender, buttery and particularly tasty. It has nutritional qualities superior to beans, thanks to the high presence of proteins and lipids.


FAT                                  0.7 gr PROTEIN                        21.9 gr
of which saturated            0.1 gr SALT                                0.01 gr
CARBOHYDRATES           50.9 gr FIBRE                             12.8 gr
of which sugars                2.1 gr Energy Value for 100 gr 323 Kcal

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250 gr