The most beautiful sea
is that which hasn't been crossed yet...
(Nazim Hikmet)
By the journey to my Ithaca, I decided to face some new seas; I know very well that, if my father represents the past and my son the future, I am the present.
On the two faces of Janus, I saw the essential symbol of my idea, the perfect logo for this new enterprise, that I have decided to call “Oro di Giano”.

Our products

Oro di Giano extra virgin olive oil is obtained from our olives of the Moraiolo, Frantoio, Leccino and San Felice varieties, harvested at the right varietal ripeness. The cold extraction is immediate with a modern continuous cycle system, where we give the utmost attention to each stage of processing.

The land calls us and for this reason we are dedicated to the cultivation of arable crops and the marketing of spelt, barley, white and black chickpeas, lentils, black lentils, fagiolina beans and buckwheat.

The new headquarters in Macciano is the company's point of reference; we are there every day. We are waiting for you for a tasting, for a purchase, to participate in our events (follow us on,,, but also to organize your own event, around a healthy Umbrian snack.